Utah Short Sales

Are there easy real estate purchases anymore? The answer to that is yes, but they are few and far between. The reason is because of the ever lingering quantity of short sales and foreclosures. Here in Logan Utah, there are 582 residential properties on the market as of today. Of those, there are 63 short sales in Cache County. Now, being a Realtor, I have to tell you that it feels like those numbers are reversed. More of my clients are looking at the short sales than they are the regular listings. This is because buyers right now feel like they can not only get a deal, but take advantage of someone’s misfortune. And although this might be true, there is still a price to be paid, and that comes in terms of the work it takes to navigate the banks’s various systems, their approval processes and the infinite amount of time they feel like they have in responding to anything. This really turns off buyers who are ready to buy, and they either turn their efforts to standard listings and settle for a home they don’t really love, or they leave the buying process all together.

My feeling is that the banks really need to get ahead of these short sales and approve the prices before they are listed on the MLS. This way, a buyer can offer on a home and know that the bank has already reviewed the listing and are willing to sell as a short sale. Buyers wouldn’t get scared off, agents would be willing to list more short sales knowing that the process wasn’t such a burden, and we would all benefit from a market that is working through the issues and will hopefully return to a healthy growing market.

So, there you have it, a little tid bit from me about short sales in Logan Utah. If you’d like to search for homes in Logan Utah, feel free to find homes here. Can also look for commercial real estate in Logan Utah on our site specifically designed with those listings in mind.

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